At the Seven Oaks Media Group, we get the news. We get it because we've been in the media business for decades -- as award-winning print reporters and broadcast journalists.

Our strategic communications team has the skills, experience and contacts to help our clients attract media attention when they want it, and keep them out of the headlines when they don't.

About Us

Founded by former NBC News investigative reporter Jim Popkin, the Seven Oaks Media Group is a select group of former reporters from the nation's top print and broadcast news organizations who truly understand the news. We're trained to work quickly and efficiently on tight deadlines, and can instantly access a vast network of contacts inside the media, on Wall Street and all across Washington. It's all about delivering measurable results for your firm.

So whether your organization wants to attract media attention, or stay out of the headlines when the spotlight becomes too hot, why not trust media professionals who have been there and back?

Back in our newsroom days, we were often stunned at how poorly many businesses dealt with the news media. When we would start chasing a critical story, some companies and organizations would instantly clam up and offer a terse "No comment." Others would simply stonewall for days. And a surprising number would immediately threaten to sue. 

Many big firms that had a good story to tell often botched that, too. They'd hire giant PR firms to make media lists, and the firms would then assign kids to call seasoned, cynical reporters. You can imagine how ineffective those formulaic pitches usually were.

Trust us, there is a better way.

At the Seven Oaks Media Group, we'll help you build a cost-effective media campaign that will grab the attention of busy reporters and get you instant results. Our experts will identify which reporters to call, based on your specific needs, and how to constructively engage them in any story.